Dorota Szadurska, Cat Counsellor and Therapist: My qualifications

I have been active as a professional feline behaviour advisor for about 12 years. The cat is the animal I have been in constant contact with for over 17 years, and by the word ‘contact’ I do not mean just possessing one or two animals, but managing groups of cats at different ages and different stages of their development, since I was an active cat breeder for over 16 years.

As far as my academic bacground is concerned, I have covered a lot of studies concerning cats, their welfare and behaviour, and of course I am all the time working on my skills.


1) My present studies, Advanced Diploma Applied Animal Behaviour (Feline) Level 5, started in July 2020, still in progress, COMPASS Education and Training (UK).

2) Cat Study, a two-semester post-diploma course, 2017-2018, Foundation at Faculty of Management of Warsaw University.

3) Advanced Diploma in the Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training, 2016-2017, (at the time COAPE United Kingdom).

4) Managing Behavioural Problems in Cats, 2017, dr Sabine Scroll,

5) Behavioural Problems in Cats and How to Manage Them, 2012, Vicky Halls.

6) Animal Psychology, 2011, Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw.

7) Nursing and Breeding of Companion Animals, 2010-2011, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences.


Dorota Szadurska, Cat Counsellor and Therapist

Graduate of Animal Psychology at The Polish Academy of Sciences

Graduate of Nursing and Breeding of Companion Animals at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Member of the International Society of Animal Professionals